Nanny Full-time two weeks/month (a total of 84 hours/month) for one child aged 12 months

We are now looking for a nanny who can assist a mother with her 12-month-old child for two consecutive weeks per month. The mother is currently on maternity leave but wants a nanny who can assist her in everyday life. The nanny will partly work together with the mother, or with the mother nearby and will sometimes be solely responsible for the child. The nanny needs to have previous experience from similar work, be discreet and respect the family’s private sphere. The nanny must have experience from professional work with children of this age, and any childcare qualification is an advantage.

This position will be shared with the family’s current nanny who is placed by us. The other nanny will work the other two weeks of the month.

The mother likes to be involved in her daughter’s everyday life and the nanny is there to assist and to step in when the mother has other commitments. The family also has other staff in the home and the nanny’s responsibility will only be to take care of the baby and chores directly connected to the baby. Such duties may include, among other things;

  • responsibility for everyday purchases for the child
  • making sure that necessary items for everyday life are stocked
  • responsibility for the baby’s clothes and wardrobe
  • responsibility for cooking for the baby
  • organise and sort the child’s things
  • pack for travel
  • unpack
  • make sure that the child’s belongings such as car seats, prams, toys etc. are kept in good condition, intact and clean.
  • Book doctor’s appointments/activities etc. for the child
    Cleaning will not be part of the nanny’s work, but the nanny should be orderly and organized and always be happy to tidy up after cooking and activities with the child.

Ideally, the family would like the nanny to be able to travel with them on a couple of occasions per year, but it is not a requirement for the position if the nanny is unable to travel.

The family is looking for a nanny who is easy to get along with, empathetic and good at reading their daughter and situations. Someone who senses when the parents themselves, for example, want to have dinner with their daughter and then stays in the background or gets busy with their other chores and is available when they want someone to take over. The nanny must command a very high level of English to help the daughter develop her English language while growing up in a Swedish environment. A plus is if the nanny speaks French but this is not a requirement.

The working hours will vary. During the 14 days that the nanny will be working both daytime, evenings, nights and weekends. The nanny needs to be flexible in that the schedule can be changed at short notice. The nanny is guaranteed a salary of at least 84 hours per month (equivalent to halftime/ 50% position according to Swedish standard) and any overtime will be compensated per hour. The family’s goal is to give a schedule about a week in advance, but flexibility in that this may sometimes change at short notice if the parents, for example, decide to go out to dinner, this is part of the position.

The family offers a salary between 16,000 and 20,000 SEK for the part-time position (about 84 hours per month) depending on the nanny’s experience and qualifications. The nanny will be employed directly from the family and Nordic Light Nannies only recruits for this position.

The family lives in Djursholm, Stockholm. The position will commence as soon as we have found the right candidate. The family ideally wants a nanny who can start as soon as possible, even if they can wait a couple of months for the right person. The family is looking for a long-term nanny who can stay at least one year but preferably several.

Driving license is a plus but not a requirement for the position.

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